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The sun, Its coming i can feel it. (Scotland would have you think otherwise, was that snow i missed while i was away?) It brings feelings of change, the need to explore new avenues. Me being me it nearly always revolves around my hair. This is most likely one of the most girly things I've ever said but its true, not much better than a fresh faced new hair style to match the seasons.

Right now I have brown to auburn-y ginger hair at the ends, I am tempted to go blonde (like in these photos from last year) I love the flirty look it gives me. To be honest this post is partly a “look at how great my hair was” and part “give me advice; did i suit it”? Basically tell me I'm pretty hehe.

But this is a fair warning that this will most likely be happening in the near future, which of course means new photos coming in the next few months.

Exciting times

I hope you're enjoying the weather,

If you're not come cuddle me and we can keep each other warm,


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